Time To Take In The Weekly Dose Of Cute (#95)

It’s Tuesday and we’re just glad it’s no longer Monday! Every Tuesday you can count on us to deliver you the cutest pics and vids circulating the web! Isn’t that a comforting thought? We think so, too. 

With your cuteness prescription, you never have to wait in line or ask for a refill because we’ll always have you covered! 

Get ready because this week is the cutest week yet (just like last week’s)! We’ve got the pics and vids to turn you into a pile of mush!

1. “How to surreptitiously stretch within reach of kisses”


2. “Rainbow Birds”


3. “Elephant kiddo thought human is not able to swim and tries to save him”

4. “Duck percussionist going nuts!”

5. “Many toys are fun, but this lovely sea otter is not greedy.”

6. “After having a tooth out today my cat decided to use her fish dinner as false teeth”


7. “An albino mother kangaroo with an albino baby roo”

8. “My cabbages!”

9. “A panda sitting in a pool twiddling its legs”

10. “A dog named Jasmine was a ‘surrogate mother’ to over 50 rescued animals; including puppies, foxes, 4 badger cubs, 15 chicks, 8 guinea pigs, 15 rabbits, a deer and a goose. She nursed each with affection, taking care of them as soon as they arrived.”


11. “Flowery Pitbull”

12. “This is how our blind cat, Aldous, “sees” when he goes out on our balcony.”

13. “What an absolute machine!!”


14. “Nothing will stop this old boye from going for a swim”

15. “So cute”

16. “Hogwarts letter finally arrived”

17. “Little leaf cutter bee waking up in her tiny leaf bed ”

18. “Sleeping squirrels”

19. “Coorie has to touch and explore everything with her tongue”

20. “Meet Sydney, a male umbrella cockatoo socializing with Vet Hospital Staff”

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Zoo Welcomes Birth Of Endangered Of Two Red Panda Cubs

Congratulations to Erie Zoo, Pennsylvania, for welcoming the birth of two critically endangered red panda cubs! 

On August 6th, 2020,  Erie Zoo announced that their two adult pandas, Pumori and Delilah, have welcomed their first litter! One male cub and one female cub had been born. Currently in the care of animal specialists after staff members noticed the cubs were “failing to gain weight naturally.” 

In the video, we see the zoo’s veterinarian P.J. Polumbo nursing the four-week-old cubs. 

“They are doing extremely well,” the spokesperson said during the cubs’ unveiling on Facebook. “They did just open their eyes within the last week.”

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