animal cruelty


Heartbreaking Comic About An Elephant Working In The Tourist Rides

German illustrator Jenny-Jinya is known for her heartbreaking comic strips bringing her fans to tears. The sensitive artist who made us all cry with her “Good boy” and “Black cat” comics is back with another powerful strip, this time raising awareness of just how cruel and damaging elephant rides can be. With over 286K followers […]

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Justice Was Done: City Official Resigns After Tossing His Cat During Zoom Meeting

Chris Platzer is a respectful planning commissioner from Vallejo, California, but a few days ago, on April 20, a zoom teleconference he held with other city officials went totally wrong.  In the outrageous video below, you can see Platzer saying “I’d like to introduce my cat,” then picking up his pet before suddenly tossing the […]

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