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BBC Reporter Gets Mobbed By Lemurs While Reporting From The Zoo

You know what they say about working with animals… Lemurs 1-0 BBC Look East reporter @dunlopalex . 😆🙈🎥 — BBC Look East (@BBCLookEast) January 8, 2018 BBC journalist, Alex Dunlop, was trying to report from the Banham Norfolk Zoo when he got engulfed by curious lemurs on camera. Submitted by: (via BBC Look East) […]

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Caring Man Performs Life Saving Operation On A Baby Chicken

Youtuber chick called Albert likes chickens.  On one of the many chicken exhibitions he visits regularly, he found a little chick that needed his help.  If he didn’t operate on her she would die within 48 hours. He knew how she could be saved, so he just had to bring her home with him.  Submitted […]

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The Best Cat Videos On TikTok From This Week

A daily dose of toe beans is everything you needed today.  Every day, actually.  Check out these cuties melting hearts on TikTok.  If you’re craving for some more, check out our previous list.      1. Untitled @billispeaks Some very cute pouting had to be cut from the middle. ##billispeaks ##Hunger4Words ##cats ##catnip ##mad ##catlady […]

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Japanese Woman Documents Her Daily Life With a Giant Iguana

Oh, and three adorable dogs plus one ginger cat.  Yep, this girl has it all.  Check out her twitter account for some of the funny shenanigans they are all doing together.   1. Untitled このイボイボが🦎 気持ちいいにゃ〜😸(о´∀`о)スリスリ — えっちゃん (@emichan_iguana) June 22, 2020 2. Untitled イグ先輩🌻夏が来たよ〜 むしゃむしゃむしゃむしゃ ひまわり🌻も好きなイグ先輩です(о´∀`о) — えっちゃん (@emichan_iguana) June 28, 2020 […]

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Locust Swarm Took Over a City In India

Just a reminder that 2020 is not over yet… The Authorities in Gurgaon, a city near New Delhi in India, has warned the citizens of the impending swarm, expected to cover the city on Friday.  Residents were forced to lock their doors and windows.  As expected, many of them shared amazing videos and photos as […]

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