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Shame on Meow; Cats That Are In Need Of Some Shaming

Shame! Shame! Shame!  I hope you’re thinking of Game of Thrones when you read that, because that was what we intended.  Here are 18 no good cats (OK, they’re still pretty darn great), that are in need of shaming (but gentle shaming please, they’re simply too cute)! And if you’re in a shaming mood and…

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Time To Take In The Weekly Dose Of Cute (#66)

Dogter just called! We’ve got your cuteness prescription filled for another week!  Nothing — and we mean nothing brings on those warm mushy feeling like a huge dose of animal cuteness! We scoured the internet to bring you the cutest animal pictures of the week! Bringing you cuteness every week – stay tuned for next week’s…

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Cats And Their Silly Shenanigans (25 Glorious Cat Pics)

..and we worship them for it.  Cat pics are a true blessing to this world. The say so much without having to say anything at all, and we are forever grateful for these photos that flow around the internet for all of us to see and cherish. What more could we hoomans want out of…

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Cartoon-Eyed Husky Finds Forever Home

Meet Jubilee, the husky who was rejected by breeders because she looked “weird,” according to the rescue organization Husky House.  Jubilee is a Siberian husky with a unique and unforgettable bug-eyed stare — which has since made her viral! Reddit user, u/critterwalk, share Jubilee’s picture with the Reddit community, with the title, “This is Jubilee.…

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Man Recorded All Of His Cat's Arm Flops Of The Year

via Gfycat This is the time of energy we need in 2020!  Reddit user, u/Handro, has recorded all the arm flops his cat made in the span of a year, and we don’t know which part about the flops we love most! It could be that that little head tuck every time or maybe it’s…

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