Cat Siblings Fight Over One Bed, Until They Each Got One

This is so heckin’ cute and true to any sibling relationship!  Cat owner, Ryoko Komine, didn’t think her cats would care that much about a doll bed she bought from IKEA. Turns out, they did.  They would fight over who gets the bed every day, much like human siblings. So she did what any caring […]

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Various Animal Gifs For The Ultimate Lift (29 Gifs)

Oh my, oh my! It’s simply the cutest and most wholesome collection of animal gifs we’ve gathered in awhile! We hope you’re as excited about them as we are! And get ready to let the wholesomeness seep into your heart. And just a caution, you will be smiling like a mad person while looking at […]

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Pictures Of Baby Skunks And Beavers

Sometimes, we just need to see some cute baby pics of animals.  Right now is one of those times. The baby animals featured today are skunks and beavers. Why? Because why not.  They are heckin’ adorable and we need to showcase their adorableness with you so you can feel the things we do… which is […]

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Gamer Living With A Cat (Comics)

This is just the cutest! And if there are any gamers out there — this might resonate with you!  This comic is created by the talented Nadatani Wataru and is part of an on-going series! You can find the other chapters at Manga Mutiny. The story is about a woman in her 30s who indulges […]

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Wholesome Doggo Gifs Of Bliss (15 Gifs)

We could all use an extra bit of doggo goodness in our lives these days! Just a bit of fluff to calm the ruff!  Nothing brings the smiles as much as cute animals doing cute things. It will win every single time. And we do not mind in the slightest!  So if you’re feeling blue, […]

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