Elephants Rescue Baby Out Of Mud Bank (Video)

Elephants are just truly one of the most incredible animals to ever walk the Earth.  Just the way they look out and care for one another is tremendous. We could really learn a lot from them.  This video was captured in Kruger National Park in South Africa. The footage shows the baby elephant stuck in […]

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Georgia Aquarium Announces Birth Of Newest Beluga Whale (Video)

Congratulations to the mother, 20-year-old Whisper!  The adorable calf was born May 17th, weighing 174 pounds and measured out to be 5 feet and 4 inches long!  After a long labor, both mother and baby are resting and bonding. The Georgia Aquarium, in Atlanta, is said to be keeping a close watch on the lovely […]

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Baby Kitten By Dumpster Rescued (Video)

Thank goodness for Stoyan and Dessy of PawMeow! Always rescuing those in need, we truly appreciate everything you guys do!  When Stoyanand Dessy heard this little kitten meowing while out of their balcony, they went down to investigate and found a baby kitten (with no other kittens or mother in sight) by the dumpster.  The […]

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Adorable Kitten Carries Secure Blanket With Him Everywhere

Meet Renly! This sweet little kitten was being cared for by Wilson Veterinary Hospital staff member, Sara Budzynowski. Budzynowski soon fell in love with him, and decided to adopt him.  Budzynowski gave Renly a baby blanket and a little toy bunny which quickly became Renly’s favorite items in the world. He will carry that blanket […]

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Dolphin Jumps For Joy After Baby Is Freed From A Net (Video)

This poor baby dolphin got caught in a fisherman’s deadly net, around the Italian island of Procida, Naples, as the mother helplessly didn’t leave its side. Luckily,  the baby dolphin was freed by a kind fisherman, who happened to be there, and the mother celebrated her baby’s freedom by jumping for joy!  It is physically […]

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