Rescued Bat Chowing Down On A Banana (Video)

We adore these videos! Meet Mr. Belgraves, a rescued bat that is very hungry and frightened.  Batzilla the Bat informs viewers of how Mr. Belgraves came to be at their rescue,  “Mr Belgrave was rescued by Paul last night after accidentally wedging his thumb between two palings on a fence. This happens more often than […]

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Wuhan Officially Bans Eating Wild Animals

This. Is. Amazing.  This is exactly what needed to happen and has officially happened! And Wuhan took it even a step further, the Chinese city is to become a ‘wildlife sanctuary’ where virtually all hunting of wild animals is banned… well, with the exception of measures for “scientific research, population regulation, monitoring of epidemic diseases […]

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Adorable Bat Makes Happy Noises While Being Pet

Stop the presses. This might be the cutest thing you’ll ever hear!  We are absolutely melting at the sound of Jeddah’s squeaks while being pet! In this video shot by Mandi Griffith, a care with Sydney Wildlife, we are introduced to Jeddah, a juvenile bat.  “This is Jeddah. He loves to be tickled, petted and […]

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