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Turns Out Big Cats Are Obsessed With Calvin Klein's "Obsession" Perfume

Got some perfumes you didn’t like as a Christmas gift?  Well, instead of keeping them at your medicine cabinet forever, why don’t you donate them to the Benham zoo who posted a call for donations on their website asking for “old or unwanted Xmas perfumes” as part of their big cat’s enrichment programs to encourage […]

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BBC Earth Released a Video With The Top 5 Big Cat Moments Caught On Camera

Big Cats are some of the most majestic – and adorable – creatures to grace the natural world. From Jaguars and Panthers to Lions and Tigers, BBC Earth with beautiful moments of these animals navigating life both in the wild and in captivity. Submitted by: (via BBC Earth) Tagged: bbc , big cats , cat […]

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Mr B. The Giant 26-Pound Chonky Cat Finds His Furever Home

The power of the internet! Mr. B. first made headlines when Morris Animal Refuge posted his image on Twitter, asking users if they could guess his weight, but more importantly, if anyone out there could provide this magnificent jumbo-sized cat a loving home?  One user who saw the post instantly feel in love with Mr […]

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