Eighteen Delicious Birds Of Tumblr (Funny Posts)

A little birdy told me… that you’re really going to enjoy these hilarious Tumblr posts!  How do we know this? Well, for one, we really enjoyed them. And we tend to like the same funny animal-related pics, tweets and memes! So, why would this be any different? So, get ready to shake your tail feathers […]

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Paper Cut Artists Created a Beautiful Series Of Miniature Birds

Paper cut artists, nayan shrimali and vaishali chudasama, have created a series of intricately cut 2.5D birds.  Each bird is made by cutting out different layers on paper and then painting on details, like feathers or coloring, using watercolors. The pieces are then hand-assembled to give a final 2.5-dimensional look, creating the illusion of three-dimensionality.  […]

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Ultimate Bird Party Complete With Snacks (40 Gifs)

What a treat! A massive, and hysterical, gathering of birbs being their birby selves! We have a strange love with birds. There are some birds that actually terrify us — we’re looking at you food-stealing seagulls. But mostly, birds can be quite lovely. Like, that one bird that looks like a happy cotton ball! Remember […]

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Incredible Photos Of Birds Captured On a Bird Feeder Cam Woman Sets Up In Her Yard

Lisa, better known as Ostdrossel, has one full-time hobby- capturing wild birds by setting up a bird feeder cam in her yard.  The cam allows her to photograph them from up close without scaring them away and as you can see for yourself, the photos and videos are just great!  1. 2. View this post […]

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Bird Nest Architecture Could Be Quite Creative

Home sweet home!  From simple scrapes on the ground to elaborately woven structures, birds’ nests are temporary yet meticulously built places to raise the young members of the family.  Because there’s such a wide variety of bird species, there’s also a wide variety in bird nest architecture. Here are some photos of different housing styles […]

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