black cats


Black Cats Drawn In Ink With Ethereal Thoughts (Comics)

We’re back with more work from the talented Luis Coelho! We shared his beautiful and unique pen drawings of black cats in the past, but his new work has since developed into an ethereal insight into cat’s minds, as well as, our own.  There’s something oddly calming this new style and way of telling a […]

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Cats Who Swim Together, Stay Together (Video)

Nathan and Winnie are both adventure cats who love going to the beach! In this video, they both go swimming for the first time together!  And you know what? They’re better swimmers than us.  Watch the adorable lil panther duo swim side-by-side as they paddle through the shallow beach water.  Quite romantic, wouldn’t you say?  […]

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The Black Cat Superstition Myth Debunked

We’ve all heard those Black cat superstitions, and we are here to put them to an end! These Lil’ panthers are just full of magic and even seen as absolute good luck in some cultures. There are a lot of fun facts about Black Cats, as well as just how adorably cute they are. Don’t […]

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