Dark Cartoon Series About Bunnies Who Just Don't Want to Live Anymore

A word of caution: In case you’re easily offended, you probably shouldn’t scroll down.  “The Book Of Bunny Suicides” is a hilariously twisted cartoon series by Andy Riley, featuring different ways in which little fluffy bunnies are tirelessly trying to kill themselves. Here are some of the best examples in the book.  1. 2. 3. […]

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Four Adorable Baby Bunnies Think The Golden Retriever Is Their Mom

There’s nothing like a mother’s love.  These 22-days-old baby bunnies just wanted to feel that love even if it means laying next to Bailey, the adorable golden retriever, and adopting him as their mom.  We’re melting.     Submitted by: (via This is Bailey) Tagged: aww , bunnies , dogs , dog video , golden […]

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Hop Into The Weekend With Bunny Gifs

Oh, what a glorious feeling! The weekend has arrived and we are so ready to get into the mood!  First step, hop into some comfy pants and fuzzy slippers! Do not skip this step, it’s very intrical to the experience. Second step, scroll through this quality bunny-related dump and no not hesitate to smile. That […]

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Rare Succulent Looks Like It's Sprouting Bunny Ears

Plant lovers and animal lovers rejoice! We finally have come across the perfect plant that as adorable as an animal!  Introducing the rare succulent — Monilaria Moniliforme!  The succulent looks like tiny bunny ears sprouting from the soil! The best part? These little succulents require minimal care but still make your house feel natural and […]

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Cuteness Alert: Bunch Of Bunnies Being Adorable (Photos)

As a new twitter page defining itself as “The number one source for cute bunnies”, it surely delivers what it promises- a bunch of truly cute bunnies doing truly cute bunnies things.   Submitted by: Tagged: bunnies , animal photos , cute animals , cute photos Share on Facebook         Click here to view original […]

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