Baby Fox Cam Is Delightful (13 Vids)

Imgur user, HeddeyThatsHedleyLamarr, has shared a collection of footage from their “baby fox cam” and it’s just what we needed in this life… and in this world.  Commentary below provided by the original post.  If you wish to see even more ‘baby fox cam’ vids, the Imgur user has set up a YouTube Channel! 1. […]

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Purranormal Cativity; The Nightly Routine Of Momo, Lala And TT

Owner of these 3 adorable and mischievous cats installed the camera and pretended to sleep with door closed to find out what her cats do during the night. Submitted by: (via CreamHeroes) Tagged: youtube , cute , camera , Cats , funny , Video , animals Share on Facebook         Click here to view original […]

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