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Cat Food Brand Ships Its Products In Boxes That Double As Play Structures For Felines

Cat Person is a well-known cat food brand for people who love cats.  And everyone who’s into cats knows that they are drawn to boxes of all shapes and sizes.  So, this company decided to intentionally design pet product boxes that are not just useful for safely delivering items but also have the potential to […]

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Cool Experiment: How Far Will a Cat Reach For A Piece Of Meat

The team at The Q cut a small hole in a cardboard box and checked how far this cat would reach for a piece of delicious meat. That’s a Kitteinstein! So cute!  Submitted by: (via The Q) Tagged: experiment , cat videos , cat food , Cats Share on Facebook         Click here to view […]

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Eighteen Cats Obsessed With Their Food Bowl (Memes)

Cat owners are no strangers to the mysteries of cat logic. One of the most baffling examples (and irritating, if we’re being honest), revolves around his food, or to be more specific, his half-empty food bowl.  We often scratch our head and wonder why is he meowing for more food even though their food bowl […]

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