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Cat Psychologist Designs Purr-fect Indoor "Cat Flat" With 10 Things To Make Them Happy

Sweden’s first cat psychologist, Susanne Hellman Holmström, has outlined 10 necessities (In addition to food and water) that cats need in order to be happy: scratching, cleaning its fur, hiding, looking after its territory, playing, sleeping, hunting, spying, discovering, and social connection. That list can be difficult to achieve for some indoor cats as many […]

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Modular Cat Home That Changes According To Your Pet Needs

The Japanese designer, He Yuhui, created a new and functional concept in pet furniture- a modular home that will provide your furry friend with everything he needs for a comfortable everyday lifestyle. The system consists of different components that can be added to the modular frame to keep cats comfortable and entertained in a minimal, […]

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