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Fifteen Confessions By Cat Owners

We treat our fur-babies as real children.  We play with them, buy them expansive stuff and do whatever we can to make them happy.   However, it turns out that cat owners have some embarrassing confessions to share which offer some interesting insight into their lives.   1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. […]

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Cute Things Cat Owners Did For Their Cats (Tweets)

We love our cats like crazy, and we’ll do anything to show them how much we care.   We’re so committed, in fact, that an outside observer may think some of our habits are a little–well–weird. But we don’t really care.  1. Untitled cat won’t stay off the keyboard so modern problems require modern solutions […]

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Cat Owner Captures Her Kitty's Daily Life In a Series Of Beautiful Photos

Instgram user, Allekx, has one fun hobby: Taking photos of her gorgeous cats in their daily routine. But Allekx has a unique capability of capturing them in the most unexpected moments- when doing silly things, posing with funny faces or just blending beautifully with their surroundings. Visit her Instagram page for more extraordinary photos.  Submitted […]

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Inspired By His Own Cat, Cartoonist Creates a Series of Relatable Comics

Nate Fakes is a gifted cartoonist and writer from LA. He is also the owner of a cat named Tiger, who has inspired him to create a series of comic strips that any cat owner can relate to on so many levels: “My cat, the Tiger, has inspired me in many ways. She motivates me […]

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Conversations Every Cat Owner Has With Their Cat (Even If They Are All One-Sided)

We’re sure you know you’re not the only one who talks to their cat all the time. In fact, having conversations with your cat is quite a thing these days. They sometimes start with a general question like “Do you love me or are you going to kill me” but mostly deal with your daily […]

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