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BBC Earth Explains What Does Catnip Do To The Brain Of Cats

Have you ever wondered about the science behind your cat’s strange behaviour after taking catnip?  As you can see in the following video by BBC Earth, when cats have catnip, their plans for world domination are temporarily set aside. Submitted by: (via BBC Earth) Tagged: catnip , cat videos , Cats Share on Facebook         […]

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How to Train Your Human (A Cat's Guide)

Every cat knows that once you choose your human, you need to train them as well!  It’s super important too to make sure that the human knows whatever you do or say goes. Those are the rules.  The cat (aka you) is the real owner.  Follow these 5 simple rules and your human will be […]

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Prince Michael Tries To Spread Pawsitivity While In Quarantine

This cat is a role model for us all!   Submitted by: (via Aaaron’s Animals) Tagged: funny cats , cat videos , Cats Share on Facebook         Click here to view original article

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Kate Beckinsale Is Having Fun At Home With Her Two Cats, Clive And Willow

Let’s just all take a moment to talk about what Kate Beckinsale is doing with her two gorgeous cats, Clive and Willow, during quarantine.  This is peak quarantine cat content. Check out her Instagram page for more.  1. Here we have the Kate Beckinsale’s Salon, open for business to Clive: View this post on Instagram […]

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20 Reasons Why Having a Cat Is Actually Better Than Having a Boyfriend

We know, cats are awesome.  They are so pure and just purrfect. And despite what many think, they do in fact shower us with unconditional love! (they just prefer to not show it all the time)  And if we are being totally honest, cats just bring so many amazing things to the table. They are […]

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