Close-ups Of Caterpillar 'Feet' (12 Pics)

Stop the presses, who in this universe would have thought that caterpillars have such cute feet?  Not us, that’s for sure! There’s so much beauty in some insects (sorry roaches, we’re just not ready for you yet), and sometimes that beauty isn’t really noticeable to us at first. Then you see it in a new […]

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Polite Blue Tobacco Hornworn Won't Pupate, Only Wants Noms (Tweets)

Meet the Dr Manhattan of Caterpillars! This big guy is a Blue Tobacco Hornworn, and a big one!  His owner, Twitter user @stringmousey shared some adorable pics of the big fella claiming he won’t pupate — only eat.  Not that we can blame him, food is delicious and all we think about. The tweet went […]

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