Cats Take On Watermelon Maze (Video)

Picture this: you’re a cat and you’ve just entered a room filled with watermelon.  What the heck, right?  Well, we figure Kittisaurus’s cat are quite used to living a life in confusion at this point! If you’re wondering why that might be, check out her previous videos on YouTube.  Remember those crazy math questions where […]

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Awwdorable Co-Workers Preventing Humans From Working (ICHC Challenge Results)

Thank you to the ICHC fans on Facebook for participating in our weekly challenge! The challenge was to share an image of your pet preventing you from your work at home. The results were amazing.  We loved seeing all your furry co-workers hard at work! And by hard at work, we mean working hard at […]

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Cats Take On Extreme Cup Challenge (Video)

Kittisaurus is back with another entertaining video of cats undergoing a challenge of some sort!  The challenge? Cups. Contenders? Cats. Do you think of the cats will make it through the obstacle?  Submitted by: (via Kittisaurus) Tagged: cups , youtube , cute , lol , challenge , Cats , funny , Video Share on Facebook […]

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