Stray Cats In The Philippines Were Spotted Occupying The Circle Marks In The Market

These stray cats were spotted in front of one of the market’s stores, proving that cats can follow social distancing protocol better than human beings…  We always knew cats are ahead of us, humans.   1. ” title=”” width=”800″ height=”698″/> 2. 3. 4. ” title=”” width=”800″ height=”326″/> 5. ” title=”” width=”800″ height=”683″/> 6. ” title=”” […]

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Dark Secrets To Summoning A Cat

By now, it may be common knowledge to us that if you were to draw (or create) a circle, your cat will appear and place itself within that circle for an extended period of time.  Why? There are a few theories to this, one possible explanation of the phenomenon could be instincts brought on by […]

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