"Robin Hood" Cat Steals Crazy Amounts Of Neighbors Laundry

Meet Admiral Galacticat, the “Robin Hood” of laundry! Stealing from the people and bringing his loot to his owner. OK, maybe not exactly like Robin Hood but there is a sneaky, robbery-vibe to this hilarious story!  Posted and shared by Admiral Galacticat’s owner, Heather Bardi, Bardi announced on their neighborhood’s marketplace that she discovered numerous (and […]

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There Is a New Cool Clothing Line for Dogs Inspired by NASA

Heron Presten and Very Important Puppies (VIP) unveiled a clothing line for dogs that drew its inspiration from NASA, offering an intergalactic collection that’s full of both necessities and novelty items for your furry friend. Those that like to spoil their pets should be drawn to this line, as it features uniquely stylish looks that […]

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