Artist Creates Relatable 'Animal Crossing' Comic But With Pokemon Characters

Who else is obsessively playing Animal Crossing these days? We know we are! Darn that Tom Nook and his hefty loan! Anyways, Instagram artist @nekoama, made a relatable and quite adorable Animal Crossing comic! Instead of the usual classic Animal Crossing characters we’ve all come to know so well, it’s re-imagined with Pokemon characters!  As […]

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'Robert The Otter's Insightful Guide On How To Handle The Coronavirus Anxiety

It’s no secret that people are getting more and more anxious everyday, reading all those scary headlines about the coronavirus.  Even Robert was feeling anxious! Until he spoke with his wife and gathered some insight and useful facts.  Meet Robert! Robert lives an ordinary life, earns an ordinary salary and works hard to support his […]

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Jenny Jinya's New Comic About A Duckling

Oh, Jenny Jinya. You’ve done it again. We are just a sobbing mess after reading your comics.  Jenny Jinya, artist behind the popular “Good Boy” and “Black Cat” comics, has recently shared her newest comic.  And yes, it’s just as heartbreaking as the previous ones.  All of her comics, as devastating as they may be, […]

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