Adorable Illustrations Give Solid Advice On Handling Life Right Now (Comics)

Meet “Ju” of Jubes Comics! A talented artist whose drawn up these handy-dandy comics on how to handle the real-life hardships were dealing with now, the global pandemic. Through her adorable illustrations, the comic offers some solid advice that everyone should take a glance at. The objective behind these illustrations? To keep us all well-informed […]

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Purrfectly Relatable Parenting Comics (15 Comics)

We’re back with a fresh dose of everyone’s favorite parenting comics featuring cats (and other animals)! LitterBoxComics, a comic about the joys of motherhood created by the talented and hilarious Chesca & J Hause, is the perfect balance of truth and humor.  Why did they decide to draw their comics in the form of cats […]

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Hilarious Comics By "Good Bear Comics" (Animal Edition)

The creator behind these hilarious comics, is the talented James Lecarpentier! As written in his bio, he is a human who enjoys rainy days and puppies. Sounds like a swell guy to us!  We scrolled through the plethora of hilarious comics and collected some of the best animal ones for you guys! However, you should […]

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Best Fictional Pet Ranked (20 Fictional Pets)

The Ranker as ranked the top 20 fictional pets!  Thanks to the help of people voting for their favorite animal characters from movies, cartoons, comics, and even pets from books! There are quite a few we feel are left out of this list but overall, it’s a pretty solid rank when it comes to our […]

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Artist's "Sweety" Comics About Her Ragdoll Cat Is Adorable

Meet Sweety! The Ragdoll cat who gets into some cute crazy (yet very relatable) shenanigans! Created by artist, who shared on her Webtoons bio, “My name is Red, and I own a young ragdoll cat named Sweety. She had two litters when she was young, and now has a forever home with me. “ […]

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