Black Cats Drawn In Ink With Ethereal Thoughts (Comics)

We’re back with more work from the talented Luis Coelho! We shared his beautiful and unique pen drawings of black cats in the past, but his new work has since developed into an ethereal insight into cat’s minds, as well as, our own.  There’s something oddly calming this new style and way of telling a […]

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Digital Artist Transforms Animal Photos Into Cubes

Meet the talented digital imaging artist, based in Indonesia, Aditya Aryanto.  Have you ever wondered what Minecraft would look like in real life? Aryanto has achieved that. Aditya was fascinated by cubes, so much so that he felt the urge to transform animal images into cubes.  Turns out it looks pretty darn awesome and totally […]

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Color Test: Find The Beetle Of A Different Color

Put your eyesight to the test!  Created by the talented xenia_ok, whose art can be found here.  Images of beetles are listed below, all identical to one another in color except one. One of the beetles in each image is of a slightly different hue, and it’s your job to discover which.  We’re not going […]

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Intricate And Incredible Hamster Minecraft Maze (Video)

We’ve seen some awesome maze videos in our time but this is one of the most detailed and just pure awesome mazes we’ve ever come across.  An entire Minecraft-themed maze all for one lucky hamster. Meet the smart hamster, Marshmellow, who is about to crush this 7-level maze, as if it was nothing.  That’s right, […]

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The Coolest Things People Have Created For Their Pets While In Quarantine

That’s what you call making lemonade out of lemons.  From Bob’s burgers cat house to picnic tables and even a tank… Wow. These super creative pet owners sure made the most out of their days in quarantine.  1. 2. 3. ” title=”” width=”800″ height=”702″/> 4. 5. 6. 7. ” title=”” width=”800″ height=”530″/> 8. ” title=”” […]

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