Just a Bunch Of Corgi Posts To Celebrate Their Special Day

Everyone needs some Corgi love in their life, especially on world corgy day, celebrated today.  Corgis are popular for all sorts of reasons. They are quiet, they love to play, are very approachable, and always know how to cheer you up if you’re in a bad mood. Corgi Day is a celebration of how these […]

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Corgially Invited To Marvel At Corgi Elegance At Its Finest

Well, more specifically just one corgi.  Meet Gen! Gen is a 4-year-old corgi from Okayama, Japan, and just full of the greatest (and slightly derpiest) expressions a corgi could have!  Gen is beauty, Gen is grace, We adore this pup and if you feel the same — you can follow him on Instagram!  Enjoy the […]

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Corgi Butt Leggings Are A Real Thing

Corgi butts. We’ve all seen them, and yes, we all are slightly unnaturally obsessed with their adorable behinds.  It’s actually become quite a phenomenon! What began with the corgi booty soon then turned into a bee booty obsession and even hamster booties!  No animal booty is safe from us animal obsessed humans.  Since the corgi […]

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Owners Photoshop Their Adorable Corgi Into 2019's Best Movie Posters

Every year, these talented owners are photoshopping their adorable fluffy corgi, Maxin, into all the different movie posters from the previous year. Here is a pawsome collection of posters you will definitely like. For more corgi fun, visit Maxin’s Instagram page. Submitted by: Tagged: dogs , movie poster , movies , photoshop , corgi Share […]

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