First-Known Cat Case Of Covid-19 Survives

Papille, the French cat, has survived the coronavirus infection and feline good!  Papille is a nine-year-old cat and is recorded as the very first pet being infected by the virus in France. It’s most likely that Papille got the virus from her owners, who were also COVID-19 sufferers.  “Mum found it strange she was showing […]

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Wuhan Officially Bans Eating Wild Animals

This. Is. Amazing.  This is exactly what needed to happen and has officially happened! And Wuhan took it even a step further, the Chinese city is to become a ‘wildlife sanctuary’ where virtually all hunting of wild animals is banned… well, with the exception of measures for “scientific research, population regulation, monitoring of epidemic diseases […]

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Disney Launches a Collection Of Cloth Face Masks Featuring Her Beloved Animal Characters

People all over the world are now being advised to wear face masks to slow the spread of coronavirus.  Luckily, Disney is here to bring a spark to this new corona fashion wear, especially for kids who are more frightened these days.  In a statement on its home page, the company expressed its commitment to […]

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Simonelli and Dalla Corte Pledge Support For COVID-19 Hospitals in Italy

As the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic continues to take a devastating toll on Italy, two Italian commercial coffee equipment manufacturers have announced campaigns to support hospitals close to home. Milan-based Dalla…

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Opinion: The COVID-19 Pandemic Will Only Make the Price Crisis Worse

The COVID-19 pandemic is a genuine global health crisis that deserves all the world’s current attention and sacrifice. However, the rapid emergence of this global crisis does not make the…

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