Animals Who Went A Bit Stir Crazy Indoors And Need To Let Their Craziness Out

“Okay, I’m bored in the house, and I’m in the house bored” We may have only been cooped up for x amount of months (depending on where you’re from), but think about this — your pets are home nearly 24/7 and have been for years!  It’s only natural that they would go a bit stir […]

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Oldest Cats In The World (Video)

That we know of… Get ready to be introduced to some of the oldest cats that ever lived! Some of these love bugs really defied the odds and lived up to 39 years! 39 years is equivalent to 172 years in human years! How wild is that? Submitted by: (via Trend Max) Tagged: crazy , […]

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Cordially Invited To A Massive $1000 Catnip Par-tay (Video)

Kittisaurus is celebrating reaching 2 million subscribers by throwing a massive catnip party for her cats! And when we say massive….we mean it. Approximately, $1000 dollars worth of catnip. Wowza.  It’s hard to resist such a fine collection of some greenery. But one cat was able to resist, and could food over the catnip. And […]

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Pictures of Mountain Goats Defying Gravity

Mountain goats, or cliff-climbing goats, are actually not real goats! They are part of the antelope family. Goat-antelopes. They have mastered the art of climbing near-vertical slopes all in order to protect themselves from both animal and human predators.  They are said to be an animal of high intelligence and quite alien-y…, due to their […]

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Insightful Thread About "Long Stringy Thingy" Discovered In The Ocean (Tweets)

It’s scientifically called a “siphonophore Apolemia” but everyone is calling it the world’s longest “long stringy stingy thingy.” Which, honestly, is way more catchy.  International ocean researchers may have just discovered the longest living… thing… in the known world. Captured in a haunting video and explained upon in a Twitter thread by biologist Rebecca Helm, […]

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