Wholesome Cats That Love to Cuddle (A Compilation)

It’s true!  Cats love to cuddle and snuggle. With their own stuffed animals, other animals, and even something (when we are super lucky) with us humans too!  They love a good cuddle session!  More adorable Videos can be found on Cheezburger’s Youtube Channel!  Submitted by: (via icanhascheezburger) Tagged: aww , lolcats , adorable , snuggle […]

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Short Sweet Story Of A Kitten And Her 6 Ferret Brothers

When Twitter user @garo004giru found an abandoned kitten, there was no way they couldn’t leave her out there on her own!  They decided to adopt her and welcome her into the family… of six ferret brothers.  This is the story of Komari, the kitten who grew up with six ferret brothers, and is loved by […]

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