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How to Cat: Activate and Utilize Your Cuteness to Your Advantage

Our latest “How to Cat” lesson is here! And never fear, we have the purrfessionals to guide us through this one!  It’s crucial to study up so you know just how to train your human!  In this lesson, we’ll study how to activate and use your different “levels of cuteness” to your advantage.  Whether you […]

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Cat-ographer Captures Candid Photos Of Cats Living In Working Places

While cats are usually considered less social, there are many curious kittens who prefer to be right in the middle of what a person is doing—no matter how inconvenient their presence may be.  Italian Photographer, Marianna Zampieri, started capturing cats at work for her aptly-titled series C-AT WORK. The talented photographer, who describes herself as […]

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Cat's Daily Routine While in Quarantine

For many of us, these days in quarantine mean a major change in our entire daily routines. For our beloved cats, however, it’s a day like any other day. Well, with a few exceptions—like trying to figure out why the heck we’re at home for so long, what’s with this handwashing and why on earth […]

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A Compilation of Cats Being Total Jerks

We love cats.  Even all those very strange yet awwdorable little quirks. Like running around at 3 am just because they feel like it. Or knocking things off the counter just because… well it’s in their way obviously.  But hey, we still love them! Even if they can be jerks sometimes.  Submitted by: (via cheezburger) […]

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Feline Intelligence: How Smart Are Cats

It’s well known that cats are clever creatures, but just how smart are they? And are they smarter than dogs? Watch to find out everything you need to know about feline intelligence.  Get more videos on Cheezburger’s Youtube Channel!  Submitted by: (via cheezburger) Tagged: lolcats , smart cats , facts , cat facts , interesting […]

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