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Just a Bunch Of Corgi Posts To Celebrate Their Special Day

Everyone needs some Corgi love in their life, especially on world corgy day, celebrated today.  Corgis are popular for all sorts of reasons. They are quiet, they love to play, are very approachable, and always know how to cheer you up if you’re in a bad mood. Corgi Day is a celebration of how these […]

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People Are Not Sure If This Adorable Creature With Derpy Expression Is a Puppy Or a Kitten

Well, it doesn’t really matter when one thing is clear- this little puppy from Vietnam is definitely one of the cutest things we have seen lately. The Hmong dogs look like a little kitten/ puppy hybrid with a constant derpy expression on their face. They were originally bred as hunting and guard dogs but let’s […]

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11-Year-Old Boy Who Pets Every Dog He Meets, Urges Everyone To Do So On Valentine's Day

Gideon is an 11-year-old boy who likes petting every dog he meets, everywhere he goes. Then, he uploads the adorable photos of him and the dogs to his dedicated Twitter page and even adds a brief bio about each and every one of them. Now, just ahead of Valentine’s day, he urges us all to […]

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Coolest Dogs In The Park: Hipster Dogs With Buns

Man buns? that’s old news. How about some #dogbuns?  These hipster dogs look like they are about to leave everything and move to Berlin.  What a time to be alive!  Submitted by: Tagged: dogs , cute dogs , hipsters , dog photos , buns Share on Facebook         Click here to view original article

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@popularpugs On Twitter Is a Heaven Of Pugs Doing Funny Things

Ok, now it’s official! We have found the cutest twitter page ever. @popularpugs brings us all the cutest pugs online and our heart is melting.    Submitted by: Tagged: dogs , cute dogs , dog video , pugs , funny dogs Share on Facebook         Click here to view original article

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