Precious Gorilla Dad Wrestles With Little Son (Video)

Here are 2 minutes of pure magic and love. 35-year-old Motuba, a gorilla at the Philadelphia Zoo, is seen here wrestling with his two-year-old son, Ajabu.  Did you know what when a gorilla has its mouth open and shows only the lower teeth, it’s in a playful mood and inviting to play? Pretty interesting!  In […]

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For Father's Day, Meet The Greatest Dads In The Animal Kingdom

If you think fatherhood is complicated for humans, you should definitely read up on the animal kingdom.  While many animals in the wild never meet their biological fathers, there are many little animals whose fathers fast, sometimes for months, just to protect them.  In celebration of Father’s Day today, here is a collection of fathers […]

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Men And The Pets They Claimed To Not Want

Bring on the mushy and tender feelings! Dad’s online have become notorious for claiming to not want any pet whatsoever. But we already know how that ends. The thing is, the didn’t know just how much they’d grow to love said pet. And it’s quite a lovely and magical sight to behold. Don’t mind us, […]

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Lion Dads Who Are Done

It appears parenting is difficult for all living creatures and not just us humans! Here’s a lion dad who properly reflects some of our human-like reactions when it comes to dealing with little ones… That face that just screams, “done.” You know the one. If you don’t just scroll down to see what we’re talking […]

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