‘Shade Grown Coffee’ Movie Sheds Beautiful New Light on Sustainable Production

Among the dense forest of sustainability efforts in the coffee industry, the concept of shade-grown remains largely on the fringes. Given that reality, a visually stunning feature-length documentary movie called…

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New Research Shows that Coffee Makes Other Things Sweeter

Caffeine’s positive effect as a mood enhancer has long been one of the appeals of a nice cup of coffee. Now scientists are finding that coffee actually makes life sweeter….

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Denmark Buys Last 4 Circus Elephants For 1.6 Million To Let Them Retire

Amazing! Copenhagen, Denmark, is buying the last 4 elephants in the country to give them the proper retirement they deserve! Denmark is spending 11 million kroner (or $1.6 million) to make this retirement happen! As a ban on wild animals in circuses is expected later this year, Food and Fisheries Minister Mogens Jensen said there’s […]

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