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Tweets For Those Who Love Dogs More Than People

The world needs more dogs. That’s a proven fact. So if you’re obsessed with dogs, you will definitely enjoy this fine collection of extremely good bois making us all so much happier.   1. ” title=”” width=”800″ height=”313″/> 2. ” title=”” width=”800″ height=”430″/> 3. ” title=”” width=”800″ height=”394″/> 4. ” title=”” width=”800″ height=”428″/> 5. Untitled […]

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What If Dogs Were Doctors: Funny Conversions With Dr. Dog At The Clinic

What if dogs were doctors?  This amusing twitter account, @DrDogMD, tries to imagine just that. With a cool Dr. Dog that just graduated from Med School, the conversations at the clinic are quite funny.  And yes, the MD stands for medical dog.  1. ” title=”” width=”800″ height=”459″/> 2. ” title=”” width=”800″ height=”312″/> 3. ” title=”” […]

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Twenty Good Bois Who Helped Us Get Through The First Half Of 2020 (Dog Tweets)

The bad news: 2020 is not over yet. The good news: We’ve already been through half of it and boy, what a hectic year it was (so far). Luckily for us, we have our furry friends to reach out their paws whenever we need it.     1. 2. 3. 4. Untitled When you’re waiting for […]

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Tweets About Those Wonderful Creatures Called Pugs

These tweets prove that lil’ pugs are the most ridiculous dog breed and we all should be thankful these wonderful creatures exist.  1. ” title=”” width=”800″ height=”695″/> 2. 3. Untitled Our Pug Daddy may have an annoying voice but other than that he’s okay…we guess. #HappyFathersDay #PugDaddy #PugHeadTilt — Minnie & Max the Pugs […]

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