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When A Golden Retriever is Left Alone With a Roasted Chicken

According to his owner, Tucker CANNOT resist chicken. He loves it more than anything.  So, he wanted to see what he would do if he is left alone with an entire delicious chicken. Will Tucker pass the ultimate test? Submitted by: (via Tucker Budzyn) Tagged: dogs , chicken , dog video , funny dogs Share […]

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Four Adorable Baby Bunnies Think The Golden Retriever Is Their Mom

There’s nothing like a mother’s love.  These 22-days-old baby bunnies just wanted to feel that love even if it means laying next to Bailey, the adorable golden retriever, and adopting him as their mom.  We’re melting.     Submitted by: (via This is Bailey) Tagged: aww , bunnies , dogs , dog video , golden […]

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Woman Is Having a Funny Conversation With Her Dog After Her Daughter Moved Back In

When editor and writer @BriannaNHolt came to visit for a while, her mom had to unpack the situation for another important member of the family. One thing is for sure- this dog is definitely used to getting talked to.  1. Untitled I am screaming 😂😂 — Brianna Holt (@BriannaNHolt) April 25, 2020 2. 3. […]

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Veterinarians Debunk The Most Common Dog Myths

“Dogs are colorblind”, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” and other common myths we all believe in are being debunked by veterinarians from the Animal Medical Center in New York City.  Submitted by: (via Science Insider) Tagged: myths , dogs , veterinarian , dog video Share on Facebook         Click here to view […]

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Dogs Will Do Anything To Go Out For That Walk In The Park

Off the Leash is a 2D animated series featuring the hilarious antics of Pip the West Highland Terrier and his expanding cast of family & four legged friends.  This time, Pip and his brother come up with a plan… Submitted by: (via Off the leash) Tagged: dogs , dog video , dog comics Share on […]

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