Hippo Fiona Channels Inner Whale In Jumps(Video)

Whoever said that hippos can’t be graceful? Seems like Disney had it right in Disney‘s Fantasia! Those hippos can absolutely move with the grace of a ballerina!  Turns out, hippos can do whale jumps too! Watch Hippo Fiona go crazy in their outdoor pool and celebrate with some joyful jumps.  It totally makes sense now […]

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Glowing Dolphins After Sunset (Video)

This is such a magical sight to behold!  A group of dolphins are seen here off of Newport Beach, California, gliding through the red tide and created a neon, bio-luminescent glow.  Pure magic. If there’s something else to add to that bucket list, it would be to see this.  Submitted by: (via ABC 10 News […]

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