Sweet Kitten Takes Stuffed Dragon To The Vet For Comfort

Get ready for some major cuteness coming your way!  Samantha Smart, from Florida, discovered a tiny kitten meowing around her neighborhood for a few days. She knew she had to help the little guy.  In an interview with The Dodo, Samantha Smart tells the story of how little Ponyo came to be part of her […]

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The Internet Adores This Dragon Reading a Bedtime Story To Adorable Puppies

Twitter user @goldengateblond shared this adorable video of this toy dinosaur (which later turned out to be a dragon) reading a bedtime story to a tired group of adorable puppies and the internet couldn’t get enough!   That’s the content we all need. All-day. Every day.    1. Untitled here’s a dinosaur reading a bedtime […]

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