When Prince Michael's Ducklings Return Home For The Summer

When Prince Michael’s ducklings, returns home for the summer, he notices one of them, an adorable duck called Gabe, is having a hard time so he tries to help him in his own very special way.   Submitted by: (via Aaron’s Animals) Tagged: ducklings , cute , funny cats , cat videos , Cats , […]

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Mama Chicken Embraces Ducklings As Her Own

After losing her baby chicks, this mother hen has taken in seven little critters into her care: 5 ducklings and 2 Totenko Fowl chicks. This mama has her work cut out for her!  Protective and caring, this mother hen is turning out to be the best mother these other little critters could’ve ever hoped for!  […]

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Jenny Jinya's New Comic About A Duckling

Oh, Jenny Jinya. You’ve done it again. We are just a sobbing mess after reading your comics.  Jenny Jinya, artist behind the popular “Good Boy” and “Black Cat” comics, has recently shared her newest comic.  And yes, it’s just as heartbreaking as the previous ones.  All of her comics, as devastating as they may be, […]

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