It's Donald Duck Day And We Have Some Funny Duck Memes For You

Donald Duck is one of the most iconic characters of the Disney franchise and has, for multiple generations, been one of the hallmarks of childhood and innocence.  His unique voice known as pseudobulbar dysarthria may resonate in your mind and take you back to the old age times where you were tried and tried to […]

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There Are Ducks That Look Just Like George Washington

Did you know there is a specific breed of ducks called the crested ducks, which are popular in duck shows and have an orb-shaped clump of feathers on the top of their heads that resembles the hairdo of George Washington?  Well, we’re here with all the photos to prove it.  1. 2. 3. 4. 5. […]

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Isolation With The Kids: The Duck Parents Version (Comics)

Did you think only human parents are having a hard time adjusting to being home with the kids all day?  Well, think again.  The talented comic creator, Fowl language, gives us a rare glimpse into the daily lives of duck parents trying to deal with homeschooling and bored kids.    1. 2. 3. 4. 5. […]

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Jenny Jinya's New Comic About A Duckling

Oh, Jenny Jinya. You’ve done it again. We are just a sobbing mess after reading your comics.  Jenny Jinya, artist behind the popular “Good Boy” and “Black Cat” comics, has recently shared her newest comic.  And yes, it’s just as heartbreaking as the previous ones.  All of her comics, as devastating as they may be, […]

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