Elephants Rescue Baby Out Of Mud Bank (Video)

Elephants are just truly one of the most incredible animals to ever walk the Earth.  Just the way they look out and care for one another is tremendous. We could really learn a lot from them.  This video was captured in Kruger National Park in South Africa. The footage shows the baby elephant stuck in […]

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Heartbreaking Comic About An Elephant Working In The Tourist Rides

German illustrator Jenny-Jinya is known for her heartbreaking comic strips bringing her fans to tears. The sensitive artist who made us all cry with her “Good boy” and “Black cat” comics is back with another powerful strip, this time raising awareness of just how cruel and damaging elephant rides can be. With over 286K followers […]

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Photo Series Of Baby Elephant Having The Time Of His Life At The Beach

Willy Thuan is a French photographer who started to travel the world early and never stopped until he settled in Thailand in 1994. Then for the past 25 years, his passion for photography has taken him to every corner of Thailand. He has been a Phuket blogger since January 2011.  One day, during a casual […]

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Denmark Buys Last 4 Circus Elephants For 1.6 Million To Let Them Retire

Amazing! Copenhagen, Denmark, is buying the last 4 elephants in the country to give them the proper retirement they deserve! Denmark is spending 11 million kroner (or $1.6 million) to make this retirement happen! As a ban on wild animals in circuses is expected later this year, Food and Fisheries Minister Mogens Jensen said there’s […]

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