Elephants Rescue Baby Out Of Mud Bank (Video)

Elephants are just truly one of the most incredible animals to ever walk the Earth.  Just the way they look out and care for one another is tremendous. We could really learn a lot from them.  This video was captured in Kruger National Park in South Africa. The footage shows the baby elephant stuck in […]

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Excited Elephants Run To Greet New Rescued Baby Elephant

This video is from 2017 but it just makes us feel so warm and happy that we had to let it surface once more!  The video is only a bit over a minute but filled with a lot of emotions, excitement, and love, that you can just feet.  Elephants are truly remarkable animals, so intelligent […]

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Denmark Buys Last 4 Circus Elephants For 1.6 Million To Let Them Retire

Amazing! Copenhagen, Denmark, is buying the last 4 elephants in the country to give them the proper retirement they deserve! Denmark is spending 11 million kroner (or $1.6 million) to make this retirement happen! As a ban on wild animals in circuses is expected later this year, Food and Fisheries Minister Mogens Jensen said there’s […]

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