"Robin Hood" Cat Steals Crazy Amounts Of Neighbors Laundry

Meet Admiral Galacticat, the “Robin Hood” of laundry! Stealing from the people and bringing his loot to his owner. OK, maybe not exactly like Robin Hood but there is a sneaky, robbery-vibe to this hilarious story!  Posted and shared by Admiral Galacticat’s owner, Heather Bardi, Bardi announced on their neighborhood’s marketplace that she discovered numerous (and […]

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Awwdorable Co-Workers Preventing Humans From Working (ICHC Challenge Results)

Thank you to the ICHC fans on Facebook for participating in our weekly challenge! The challenge was to share an image of your pet preventing you from your work at home. The results were amazing.  We loved seeing all your furry co-workers hard at work! And by hard at work, we mean working hard at […]

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Facebook Group Where People Pretend To Be Members Of An Ant Colony

This is a weird one.  Or oddly wholesome… we haven’t quite decided.  There is a private Facebook group where members (over 700k currently) pretend to be members of an ant colony and work together to help any ant problems that arise. Such as, a collapsing tunnel or finding food, the ants (members) come crawling into […]

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Facebook Group Dedicated To Crap Wildlife Photography Is Our New Addiction

Watch Out, National Geographic!  Just kidding…forget everything you think about wildlife photography because this specific Facebook group is all about those photos who were supposed to be amazing but ended up quite crappy.  And we can’t stop laughing!   Via: Pleated Jeans   1. Timed My Shot Perfectly. *sigh* 2. When Poles Fly 3. When […]

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Cat Maternity Photoshoot Is The Epitome Of Elegance

Photographer Adrianna Elizabeth has shared some delightful pictures to brighten up the world in these dark times.  Photos of her gorgeous cat! The images were taken to announce the cats pregnancy, and it’s absolutely lovely.  With the natural light of golden hour, you can’t help but fall in love!  1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. […]

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