Weirdly Cool And Slightly Uncomfortable Animal Facts (15 Facts)

We’ve actually never heard of these really bizarre, but some really cool, animal facts!  Crazy how much we actually don’t know about anything. Weird Facts is here to help fix that a bit by providing just the weirdest facts that you probably would be better off not ever knowing. Most of them, anyway. Some facts […]

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Cat Lingo: How To Show Your Cat Love (12 Ways)

There’s some really good info in this video on how to show your cat you love them, in a language they understand.  If you’re a cat owner or thinking of getting a cat, this video will help you communicate your affection to your furry friend.  Check out Jaw-Dropping Facts, on YouTube, for more animal info! […]

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Feline Intelligence: How Smart Are Cats

It’s well known that cats are clever creatures, but just how smart are they? And are they smarter than dogs? Watch to find out everything you need to know about feline intelligence.  Get more videos on Cheezburger’s Youtube Channel!  Submitted by: (via cheezburger) Tagged: lolcats , smart cats , facts , cat facts , interesting […]

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Fifty Cat Breeds: Origins And Physical Features

Hey, cat lovers! This cat-loving Facebook page, OMG Meow, has recently shared these lovely 50 different cat breeds, along with their origins and physical descriptors!  How many of them did you already know? Not going to lie, there’s a few on this list that we’ve never really heard of!  The more you know!  1. 2. […]

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Extremely Accurate And Not At All Ridiculous Animal Facts

Who knew polar bears were so punctual? 13/10 would hire in a heartbeat.  You may read these facts and think they seem a tad bit fishy… but we can guarantee you they are factually accurate.  And you can trust us.  Submitted by: Tagged: facts , cute , animal facts , lol , funny , animals […]

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