New Adorably Stylish Trend : "Douge" Covers

You have probably all heard of the new trend, the #VogueChallenge, where people are editing pictures of themselves on the cover of the fashion magazine. Two dog owners from Poland decided to launch the “Douge” challenge, the perfect combination of fashion and cuteness, where people are putting their dogs on the cover.   The challenge […]

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Fashionable Cat Goes Everywhere With Her Little Scarf (Video)

This kitty got style, she’s a fashion icon in the feline community. Meet the fashionable Cinnamon! While in quarantine, Cinnamon’s owners, Ella and Callie, took up knitted and knitted a tiny white scarf that Cinnamon was drawn to.  Ella and Callie decided to give Cinnamon the tiny white scarf totally not expecting just how much […]

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Cat fashion trends

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