Celebrating Ferret Day With Extremely Funny Memes

The ferret is a much-maligned and misunderstood animal, widely believed to be a smelly, quarrelsome, amoral, biting beast. However, this stereotype couldn’t be further from the truth. Ferrets are often kept as working animals due to their agility and intelligence but are also known to make loyal and rewarding companions.  Ferret Day, celebrated every year […]

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Short Sweet Story Of A Kitten And Her 6 Ferret Brothers

When Twitter user @garo004giru found an abandoned kitten, there was no way they couldn’t leave her out there on her own!  They decided to adopt her and welcome her into the family… of six ferret brothers.  This is the story of Komari, the kitten who grew up with six ferret brothers, and is loved by […]

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After Losing 3 Loved ones, Guy Goes on a Journey of Self Discovery with his Pet Ferret, Bandit

“Turn left at the junction, then continue north for 1231 miles. The van bounced and rumbled over the ice-covered wintery roads of northern Sweden. The journey was long, and this far north the daylight hours were long too. My load was light, my only possessions in the world were food, water and a few clothes. […]

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