Animals Enjoying Their Favorite Noms (Gifs)

Nom nom nom… it’s everyone’s favorite time of the day– time to eat!  If there’s a definite common interest between humans and animals, it would definitely be our interest in delicious noms.  Let’s chow down on some animal gifs enjoying their chow time!  1. Untitled There was a problem rendering this video – it may […]

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JunsKitchen Teaches Cats To Ring A Bell For Food (Video)

Or as we like to see it, Jun has literally trained himself into becoming an on-demand butler for his cats. Welcome back to JunsKitchen! The YouTuber that has gone on to create incredible cat-edible meals for his furry friends! This time, Jun is teaching them how to ring a bell and using positive reinforcement such […]

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"Sky Rats" Snatching Food Right Out Of Human Hands

Seagulls are downright terrifying. There. We said it.  However, even though we are afraid of these devils with wings — doesn’t make these photos any less funny! Probably because we genuinely sympathize with the poor, unsuspecting folks who were about to enjoy some delicious snack-age. It’s never easy to part with such precious food this […]

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Helpful guide!

Submitted by: (via Tagged: guide , food , infographic , Cats Share on Facebook         Click here to view original article

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Mama Cat Always Carries A Bag Of Food With Her

She protecc…. She attacc…. Even when shes hungry, She always takes her baby a snacc…. Submitted by: (via Kritter Klub) Tagged: aww , cat , youtube , kitten , story , food , Cats Share on Facebook         Click here to view original article

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