Aww-tterly Adorable Otter And Fox Comic (10 Panels)

If you’re not following @FoxOtterSpace on Instagram yet, you’re missing out! It’s truly so delightful and adorable, it’ll have you stopping and saying “awww” whenever you read one!  Fox Otter Space is a space for small stories about Foxie (an arctic fox) and Otter (an otter). And despite their species, these two are oozing out […]

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Rescued Fox Transformation (Video)

The power of love and some tender care.  Watch this adorable fox transform in just 30 days. Sadly, this baby fox had lost his mom, but he is doing well in some really nurturing hands.  Thank you Rescue Animals for helping this sweet little baby and giving him a shot at life!  Submitted by: (via […]

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Fall Into The Foxhole (50 Pics, Gifs, And Memes)

Bring on the foxy foxes! We humans have a weird love for foxes and we think we know exactly why, they are the perfectly hybrid of a dog and a cat.  The more you think about it, the more true it seems.  Get ready to fall deep into the foxhole! With 50 pics, gifs, memes, […]

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Baby Fox Cam Is Delightful (13 Vids)

Imgur user, HeddeyThatsHedleyLamarr, has shared a collection of footage from their “baby fox cam” and it’s just what we needed in this life… and in this world.  Commentary below provided by the original post.  If you wish to see even more ‘baby fox cam’ vids, the Imgur user has set up a YouTube Channel! 1. […]

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Older Cat Has Delayed Reaction To Fox Chilling In The Backyard

Move over, ‘The Fox and the Hound’! We’re ready for the new version of ‘The Fox And The Cat’! And this time, hold the tears.  Meet Archie, an adorable senior cat whose eyesight and hearing is diminishing. His owner, Twitter user @PigletParker shared a delightful and quite silly video of letting Archie out into the […]

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