Grandmother Documents The Adorable Adventures Of Her Giant Poodles And Grandchildren

The friendship between a kid and his pet is one of the precious bonds ever!  Japanese grandmother, Tamanegi,  started documenting the pure bond between her granddaughter and her three giant poodles, Qoo and Riku, since she was three-years-old.  A year later, her grandchild, Mame, was born, and the doting grandmother’s passion for photography intensified. With […]

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Story Of A Duck Who Comforted A Sad Dog

George the dog was depressed for 2 years due to the lost of his very best friend of 12 years, a Labrador named Blackie.  There didn’t seem to be an end to the depression, until a strange duck waddled into George’s life.  It’s unknown as to where the duck came from but we’re grateful that […]

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