Animals Having Fun On Swings

We all love those playground swings.  That feeling of trusting your legs in the air to get that extra little bit of height was almost like flying.  But it turns out, us humans are not the only ones who seem to love it as you can see by these charming photos of different animals having […]

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Color Test: Find The Beetle Of A Different Color

Put your eyesight to the test!  Created by the talented xenia_ok, whose art can be found here.  Images of beetles are listed below, all identical to one another in color except one. One of the beetles in each image is of a slightly different hue, and it’s your job to discover which.  We’re not going […]

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Animals Are Reclaiming The Earth In Our Absence

While humans are stuck inside, the animals will play! That’s right! Animals are reclaiming (or just roaming around freely) the Earth. Thanks to humans being cooped up inside, animals are able to wander more freely and into territories that were more occupied by humans.  And as it turns out… Earth has been thriving without us!  […]

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ICanHasCheezburger Is Proud to Presents The 'Pet Passport'

I Can Has… a Pet Passport?! The answer: YES! YES YOU CAN!  The wait is over!   ICanHasCheezburger‘s new ‘Pet Passport‘ is now open and ready for our users to create their best friend’s newest passport!  And the best part? It’s as easy as creating an LOLcat meme!   Here’s an easy step by step guide […]

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