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20 Reasons Why Having a Cat Is Actually Better Than Having a Boyfriend

We know, cats are awesome.  They are so pure and just purrfect. And despite what many think, they do in fact shower us with unconditional love! (they just prefer to not show it all the time)  And if we are being totally honest, cats just bring so many amazing things to the table. They are […]

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New Cat Owner Documents What It Is Like To Sleep With A Cat (Video)

Youtuber, RegalPlatypus, is a relatively new cat owner.   He decided to document his new life with his cat, Tormund, or more accurately, his new nights.     Let’s just say that after watching this video, we can totally understand why cats sleep all day.  It’s a purranormal cat-tivity.   Submitted by: (via Regal Platypus) […]

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Cat Takes Center Stage As Owner Tries to Show Off His Pull Ups

Picture this; You’re 15, you’re improving your pull-ups and device that it’s time to show the world what you’re made of. So you are going to videotape your success and show just how many pull-ups you can do. So you set everything up. Perfect angle for the camera, timing, lighting, everything. You start. You’re on […]

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A Fine Compilation of Adorable Cat Fails (Part 1)

We are just going to say it… cats are just too cute! Whether they are snuggling up to you, playing with their little toys and even when they do a small fail here and there! We just can’t get enough! Especially of those adorable fails. So much so we decided to gather some up and […]

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Adorable Kittens Doing Adorable Kitten Things

I Can Has Cheezburger? is the home of cats and kittens. Not just funny LOLCat memes but where you can find wonderful animal stories, lists of cuteness, and even videos! And what’s better than a video full of adorable kittens doing what they do best? That’s right, be adorable!  Submitted by: (via icanhascheezburger?) Tagged: lolcats […]

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