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Isolation With The Kids: The Duck Parents Version (Comics)

Did you think only human parents are having a hard time adjusting to being home with the kids all day?  Well, think again.  The talented comic creator, Fowl language, gives us a rare glimpse into the daily lives of duck parents trying to deal with homeschooling and bored kids.    1. 2. 3. 4. 5. […]

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When Your Cat Has Some Special Treats For You On Valentine's Day (Comics)

If your cat is your valentine’s date, consider yourself super lucky as we all know that earning a cat’s love (or at least, tolerance) is the highest honor on the planet. These comic strips describe the cat’s version of Valentine’s Day. Now go and kiss your cat!  Submitted by: Tagged: funny comics , cat comics […]

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The Daily Life Comics Of Mochi, The Pug, And His Hoomans (36 Comics)

That Mochi sure is cute! Written by Mochi’s hoomans, “157ofgemma is a cartoon about living with Mochi, a very dramatic and chubby pug. The cartoon tells stories of how it is like to live with a dog like Mochi in a cute and humorous fashion. You will find very relatable stories about food, walks, and […]

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The Daily Life Struggles Of A Sloth Told In Comics

I know we all say this a lot… but sloths really are an entire mood.  The man behind these clever comics, Japanese artist Keigo, has a unique style and a variety of different comics. We are particularly fond of his sloth character who is living in the human world, doing daily things. You can follow […]

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