Adorable Furless Animals (18 Pics)

While we do love our super floofy animals, we also have a love for the non-fluffy/furry animals of the world!  Reptiles, hairless mammals, and maybe even insects? Maybe. We’ll see on that one.  This list is a celebration of all hairless animals in their true, adorable forms. Fur isn’t the measure of cuteness when it […]

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Mild Or Wild: Cat Toe-Feathers Takeover (22 Pics + 1 Vid)

Yes, we are all very familiar with toe beans at this point, but what do you call that magical little area of fur between the toe beans? Toe-feathers. The internet does not rest when it comes to adorable cat features that need an entire subreddit dedicated to said feature!  Mild or wild, all toe-feathers are […]

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How To Make A Ball Out Of Cat Fur (Video)

These days cooped up indoors has us looking up and trying out just the weirdest things, all in hopes of making the time go by just a tad bit faster. Today, we discovered this video on how to make a ball out of a cats fur and thought it to be very valuable information that […]

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