Da Vinci’s Coffeehouse Owner Creates Latte Throwdown, the Board Game

From Aeropress competitions, manual brewing challenges or even cold-brew cocktail contests, friendly competition has always been part of the fabric of the barista community. While such jovial coffee-related scrimmages have…

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Cats And Puzzles: A Complicated Relationship

Cats and puzzles. Oh boy.  If you have a cat and have ever tried to complete, or even start, a puzzle, then you already know. It’s nearly impossible. Those fuzzy bellies demand to be on top of those pieces no matter what!  It’s unclear if cats are magnetically drawn to those puzzle shapes… or if […]

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Twitter Page Reveals Which Games Allow Users To Virtually Pet Animals

Here’s a page we have no idea existed, Can You Pet The Dog?, is a Twitter page all about whether or not you can pet various animals within different computer games.  And since it’s discovery, we have a sudden urge to acquire all these games….just to pet some graphic animal. If you’re wondering if you […]

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